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Activity Attendant

Are you a hard worker? Do you love people? Do you love sports? Do you love Jesus?
If so, this is the perfect job for you! (Hours vary depending on the season.)

We are always looking for quality people to join our team!

About our Staff Culture

We encourage healthy tension.
As staff members, we must live in multiple tensions: God working in us and God working through us, personal responsibility and divine dependence, relationship/friendship and responsibility/mission (Acts 15), and abiding (John 15) and abounding (John 9:4). Living in tension means we are open to dialogue, disagreement, and seeing the gray areas of life rather than categorizing everything as black or white.
We think in terms of seasons, not just events.
Seasons are chunks of time marked by common themes (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). Seasons vary in length, intensity, and substance (Matthew 3:13-4:11). Events are simply activities encompassed within the overarching themes of seasons. When we think in terms of seasons rather than individual events, we have a greater awareness of the big picture of our ministry and its rhythms. Thus, we have a better understanding of what is happening and why.
We love to have fun, and we are deadly serious.
Our jobs have eternal ramifications and our salaries come from the gifts of individuals within our congregation. Therefore, what we do should always be marked by a sense of responsibility and seriousness. Yet having fun can be spiritual as well, and a fun workplace makes the stresses and strains of our jobs more manageable and builds a contagious, healthy morale.

We lead with both compassion and candor.
Compassion is genuine concern and love for people. Candor is the quality of being honest and frank with people. Jesus modeled both in Mark 8. He had compassion for the people and clearly cared for His disciples in Mark 8:2. Then, later in the chapter, He spoke “plainly” about how He would leave His disciples, and when Peter stepped out of line, Jesus rebuked him sternly (8:32-33). Leading with both compassion and candor means we speak the truth in love in order to build up the church (Ephesians 4:15). We don’t shrink away and avoid conflict, nor do we power up and run over people.
We empower others and don’t hire minions.
While we are expected to “do” ministry, we must ultimately become delegators and developers of others (Ephesians 4:11-14). Minions are doers only, and as a result, their contributions are limited, and they rob others of opportunities. Thus, a staff of minions does not represent God’s ultimate desire for the church (Ephesians 4:11-14; 1 Corinthians 12). Leaders who empower others share the workload, getting people involved without dumping on them, abdicating responsibility, or micromanaging.
These leaders reproduce themselves—producing more leaders by delegating tasks and developing people.