The Metric:
Every believer at Adventure Christian  Church
knows and takes their next steps to live like Jesus.

Objective #1:

Recruit, Develop, on-board elders

We believe a healthy oversight is integral to the success of the Church. We have been and continue to make the ordination of elders a priority in the coming years. We will establish a healthy training program for the growth and development for the Eldership at Adventure. This eldership will grow and develop staff and ministry leaders, supporting their ministry while providing accountability and guidance.

Objective #2:

Establish a Leadership structure.

We want to empower those who serve at Adventure as leaders to own the ministry's in which they work so hard. Not just giving a title, but creating a healthy understanding of their place and responsibilities so they have a more manageable and effective ministry.

Objective #3:

Develop/on-board a clear communication strategy:

When everyone knows their task, things can get done easily! Yet, sometimes when many people are involved, effective communication can be difficult. All it takes for us to make progress is simply to help everyone communicate clearly. This involves thinking of better ways to communicate and change HOW we communicate within the leadership and ministries of the church, so that the information arrives to those that need it, in a timely fashion.

Objective #4:

Create/ on-board Leadership Training

In the summer of 2023, after sensing the need for a larger layer of leadership here at Adventure, we created the Adventure Leadership Community.  This initiative is designed to help each of us lead better in the different ministries that we serve in.

Objective #5:

Create margin for strategic thinking

We are busy people and often have more responsibilities that we might want to admit. We want to give space to the leaders of ministries of Adventure, the staff, and the elders for the purpose of strategic thinking. This involves thinking of better ways to communicate and change HOW we communicate withing the leadership of the church.