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Greater Faith: Day #17

Sep 26, 2023    Devotion Leader

There is a song called Oceans, where the words describe walking on water as a demonstration of faith. Certainly, walking on water was a miraculous event for Peter when it happened, we often look at such things romantically, and forget the sheer wonder of the faith that urged Peter from the boat. As we look to the task at hand, to Pursue God radically and Love others courageously, I can’t help but notice in this passage that Jesus tied us forgiving each other to our faith.

The response of the disciples is telling. They cried out, “Increase our faith!” I suspect because they knew how hard it is to forgive as Jesus mentioned and how easy it is to hold a grudge. So much of our walk is relationship. Relationships are hard and take a great deal of faith, particularly in our cynical world. Sometimes the greatest show of faith we can muster is believing in someone who has failed us countless times. But this is the love and grace Jesus showed us.

Father, help us to forgive as Jesus describes, to have the faith that goes beyond what the world sees as reasonable, while still relying on you and maintaining trust in your work. Help us to defend healthy relational boundaries even as we practice this forgiveness. In Christ name we pray, amen.