Practicing God's Presence: Day #27

Oct 6, 2023    Devotion Leader

The writer of this psalm was convinced that God was aware of what he experienced, that God was with him. But how much more should we be certain that God is with us! For the Love shown us in Christ. There is no struggle beyond the father’s plan. There is no attack that catches him by surprise. No heartbreaking event that he cannot use to bring joy and hope to his people. However, we might not want to go to some places. And we might be lead, as Jesus prophesied over Peter, “where we don’t want to go.” The question for us is this: Is he enough? If we take all the stuff, we get by his grace away but are left with him, is that enough? Practicing His presence is acknowledging his presence, letting HIM be a source of strength and wisdom, not the stuff he may bring.

Father in heaven and creator of earth, you abandoned your son to a torturous death, so that you could honestly never forsake us. With such a momentous display of love, you declared once and for all what you would do to make us your children. Help us to have the faith to trust your promise will endure no matter where we are led. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.