Learning from God: Day #36

Oct 15, 2023    Devotion Leader

Scholars believe this to be a psalm that David wrote for his son, Solomon. David knew sin and God’s redemptive power. Here he is telling Solomon how to stay the course and not be led away from God’s perfect plan for him. In our lives, we want our children, as well, to be able to stay the course without facing the consequences of their sin.

David endured much and he expresses the depth of love he has for God and His Word. He shares that living according to God’s Word, seeking Him with his whole heart, and committing to memory God’s Word is the only way that a young person can stay on the path of righteousness! 

We are God’s children, and oh how He loves us. He truly wants us to avoid sin and the consequences. Hiding His word in our hearts, equips us with everything we need to stay on the path of righteousness. As we seek to know Him, we live out His word.

Our loving and trusted Father, thank you for Your Word, The Bible. We come to you humbled because we are sinners and it’s only by your forgiveness and Grace that we can have righteousness. We acknowledge that we need you in every part of our lives. We ask that you help us fill our hearts with Your Words. Help us to always stay the course of righteousness. In Jesus’s name we pray these things. Amen