Counting the Cost: Day #26

Oct 5, 2023    Devotion Leader

Have you ever had to complete a project that seemed bigger than your ability to comprehend? When we consider the great things that have been built in our country, from Willis Tower to the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s easy to marvel at such things and be amazed. The task of landing on the moon was not easy either. These missions took a lot of preparation and very careful consideration. Jesus does not want his followers to second guess their commitment. He wants them to know what they are getting into. On more than one occasion, Jesus went out of his way to make it harder for people to follow him. Specifically, because he wanted them to be sure he was worth it; he wanted them to consider what was at stake. This is the call to follow Christ, are you ready to count the cost? Is there someone in your life who is ready to do it? Let’s pray for ourselves and those around us.

Father in heaven, as we look at this verse, we want to remind ourselves of what it was that we laid aside. Some of us are still figuring things out or exploring; not sure of where we will end up. Some of us are seasoned in your service. Father, wherever we are, meet us here. Help us to finally lay aside the things of this world and take up living the life of a disciple. Teach us what that means. We ask this in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.