Pray for our Leadership Team: Day #33

Oct 12, 2023    Devotion Leader

Our rescue and redemption from this world requires humility. Just as Jesus was humble in His life, we humble ourselves both before Him and in the way that we live our lives every day among people. Jesus came to serve people and God, not to be served by people. Likewise, we, Jesus’ followers, in any way we can seek to serve people whether our families, circle of friends, and all in our spheres of influence. Pastors, elders, servants, ministry leaders; whoever calls on Christ as Lord is to be conspicuously known by their humility and service, not by position, title, rank, or notoriety.

Heavenly Father King of the Universe who is now and forever, beginning and the end – we praise you for all you have done to equip us to lead well! I pray for Lance Hurley, Keith Elderson, and Andy Hamilton. We ask that you protect them and grant them wisdom as they lead with humble hearts for you. Father let these men become lower and You become greater in their lives! In Jesus might name – Amen.