Reaching the World: Day #25

Oct 4, 2023    Devotion Leader

When we look out the window of a subway, or an uber, we often see many people zoom around, going about their business. The world is full of very different people doing a whole host of things. And yet there are so many strange similarities between people who live very different lives.

God wants all these people to come to a knowledge of the truth, he wants them to wash in the forgiveness in Christ. Yet so many want nothing to do with Jesus. Jesus points out here that his people will live like him; the world will treat us like it treated him. In response to this treatment, Jesus gave his life to show the grace of God, and he lived a righteous life to show the truth of God. In this, Jesus showed us how to reach the world. We have everything we need to do this in our knowledge of Jesus. Let us be a people full of grace and truth, then the world will see Him in us and hear him calling them to live a different life, a new life.

Father in heaven, holy is your name. may the words and deeds of our lives be an outer demonstration of the grace and truth of your son in our hearts and minds. Use our every choice and sacrifice to demonstrate the life you want us all to live, and may it soften the hearts of those we meet so they know and see you as you are. There are so many who don’t know you, help us reach them! Break down the walls between them and build bridges! We pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.