A Prayer of Boldness: Day #29

Oct 8, 2023    Devotion Leader

We pray a lot. As a church, if were honest, we would probably say we don’t pray enough. It’s probably true as well. This prayer marks a very early attempt of the church to set aside time to pray for a very dire need. For they had been faced with so many adverse situations and hostile forces. And yet they didn’t pray for these forces to end. No, they asked God that they might stand up against them, with courage and boldness to live the truth and testify with their whole life to what God had done in Jesus. And that the words they spoke would be God’s words. May this be our prayer!

Father in heaven, you have seen the difficulty that faces us and the forces with-in and without that seek to halt the spread of the gospel, give us boldness again to speak the truth of your word. Help us to live a life of love and grace in defiance of the world around us. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.