Fasting as Training: Day #23

Oct 2, 2023    Devotion Leader

Fasting has always been a difficult spiritual practice for many people. Some have health issues that make it difficult. Some have a genuine struggle with eating disorders and fasting presents them with particular difficulties. Jesus teaches that the work of fasting (in some capacity) is important to the life of those who follow him. This practice builds our capacity to deny ourselves. When we fast, we deny ourselves something God made us to have, so that we might train our bodies to rely on God in a very special way. We teach our hearts, minds, and even our bodies to want something more than food; to want something more than life itself. This shouldn’t be practiced flippantly. It gives us perspective on what is truly important. Today, spend special attention on what God might want to say to you about the habits of your life, what can you give up that will give you a clearer focus on what God wants for you? 

Father in heaven, as we set aside the things we want, teach us to depend on you and your word; not the gifts you give us to bless and nourish us. You are our hope, not what you give us. Speak clear to us in a way the opens our eyes and helps us forge a character that is born of the Spirit given to use by Christ’s sacrifice, In Christ name we pray, Amen.